International Trades Department Partak ready to cooperate and serve the valid public and private sectors with the aim of creating employment and import foreign exchange to the country and increase production, including public and private sectors in refining products, petrochemicals products, chemicals products, food and construction materials
Business Services in export:
1. Marketing
2. Issuing a permit.
3. Determination of export price quoted by the pricing commission.
4. Issuance of Performa
5. Preparation, provision and packing.
6. Receiving the commodity inspection certificate.
7. Issuance Invoices and obtaining the certification of origin.
8. Contracting the insurance and transport
9. Declare the goods to customs.
10. Sending the goods
11. Receive bills or certificates of deposit issued.

The necessary documents for export:
1. Obtaining a valid commercial card by the name of exporter
2. Obtaining a license of issuance, if this is the commodity exports to the general agreement have not been announced, by the Ministry of Commerce.
3. Obtaining the health and quarantine certificate (animal, vegetable – based on the case)
4. Obtaining the standard certificate (if the product, subject to the mandatory provisions of the standard export).
5. Obtaining nuclear energy certificates (in the case) that this certificate can also be called customary.
6. Preparation for baling (Packing List) (if the product is different)
7. Certificate of carpet (just for handmade carpets)

* Other documents demanded by the country of destination or the foreign buyer are:
1. The certificate of origin:
To get the certificate of origin refer to the Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Mines, by holding a copy of the customs declarations and the declarations for goods.
2. Carnet TIR:
TIR Carnet is a notebook shall be issued for the goods to crossing by truck from Member States, without exact inspection and without supply and receive the rights and duties.
3. Invoice or list purchase:
Shopping list or invoice are the bills, that is mentioned, at that date, name and address of the purchaser and the vendor, order number or contract number The number or quantity or description of goods, unit price, total price, type of contract goods listed in customs tariffs
4. Bill of lading
generally, the bill of lading is an original document transferring of the goods ownership from the seller to the buyer, and has various types such as air, sea truck, through .
5. The certificate of inspection:
A document issued by one of the international inspection companies, thereby has been confirmed that order registration goods and the transportation goods are identical.

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